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Sarge: The Democrat legacy of a permanent underclass

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“Think first about the fact that the Left has deliberately created a more or less permanent underclass, dependent on Democrats for sustenance, voting for them in perpetuity.”

Illegal Aliens and the Corrupting of Churches

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These illegals are not pilgrims but are parasites who have come to take advantage of our generosity, burdening our schools, filling our prisons, and plundering state and federal social services, often amassing incomes far above those of the lawful, working American.

1960s Urban Policies lead to 2014 Urban Blight and Broken Families

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It is profitable to state bureaucrats to make sure that fathers are permitted to see the own children only a few days per month so support payments can be set at the highest possible level.

The True Story of Capitalist Pigs

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So piggies two and four tried to organize their community to pass new laws creating programs that would take some of the hard earned wealth that Piggies like one and three had, and force them to give that wealth to piggies like two and four through government social programs.

Is Cliven Bundy a Racist or Just an Inarticulate Old Fart?

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In 2014 many black communities face high crime, dangerous and poor-performing schools, and generations of impoverished families headed by unmarried women. If Cliven Bundy was actually talking about what he deems the virtues of slavery, well then, he’s just an ignorant old fool.

Obesity and Massive Food Waste, Courtesy of Big Government

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Eating, in the 21st Century, commands a role as American’s favorite recreational sport.

Naughty Mormons

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An often guileless mindset is one problematic aspect of the Mormon Liberal. They have a tendency to feel that because they themselves are honest, benevolent, and compassionate that every other human on earth–except Republicans, of course–is also so harmless and trustworthy.


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People in the 21st Century are burdened with a moral indebtedness that may never be repaid. The cultural economy where virtue is a cheap and disposable commodity has given us decades of shattered families, poverty, corruption, and the predominance of carnal appetite. This has heaped upon the backs our children a terrible debt for generations to come. This debt will paid through of suffering, estrangement, bondage, and national decline.


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Remember the classic scene from “Trading Places” in which Eddie Murphy feigns amputated legs in order to win sympathy, and handouts, from unsuspecting passersby? This reminds me of the contrived victim status that so many, like the big baby in California, Stanley Thornton, take upon themselves in order to garner nanny-state largess.


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“The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen.” This is more than a conservative axiom, it is a concrete truth found in the rubble of American cities where big-government Liberalism has held sway for decades.

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