What does the Endangered Species Act Really Protect?

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While species conservation usually conjures images of furry woodland creatures, plant life are also among those under federal protection. Mead’s Milkweed has been listed as “threatened” since 1988 due to habitat destruction, the advancement of invasive species consumption by weevils, deer and cattle, just to name a few factors. But there’s a kicker: The feds aren’t really even sure if things are getting better.

Medicare fraud: $97 Million for Mentally Ill Patients to Watch Movies, Play Games

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Spectrum ran a partial hospitalization program for people with severe mental illnesses in need of intensive therapy and ongoing care.

Flashback: Mark Udall Flip-flops on Obamacare Fix

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Udall co-wrote the Continuous Coverage Act with Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-NH after attending a meeting with the president and voicing his concerns. Then came news that only 106,185 people had enrolled in Obamacare while 4 million have been served with cancellation notices.

For Minority Students, Political Correctness Trumps Good Schools

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“Where does real integration take place in America? At the end of the day, it takes place in the marketplace, and if you come to that marketplace with no skills, what’s going to happen to you?” asked Howard Fuller, former chairman of Black Alliance for Educational Options.

Screwed by Solar?

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The Obama administration’s 2009 stimulus package created an open trough of cash subsidies, leading to an explosion of solar-energy companies. Some of those — Solyndra is the most prominent example — went bust spectacularly. But such high-profile failures and reports of widespread abuse have done little to dampen entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

The Link Between Teachers Unions and Educational Decline

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Teachers unions do block reforms that would benefit kids. Policies they favor degrade education, such as firing and hiring teachers according only to how long they’ve been in a particular school rather than their quality or area of expertise.

Obamacare: Bringing You the Things You Wish You Could Unsee

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Exercise guru Richard Simmons is seen gyrating on the floor and hugging a contortionist who is kneeling with his buttocks in the air.

Putting on the Latex Gloves for’s #1 Scary Person of 2013

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Doctors sedated Eckert and performed the procedure. Still no drugs. In fact, no drugs were ever found. But the assault was incomplete until Eckert received a bill for $6,000 – for the colonoscopy.’s Scariest People of 2013 Countdown: No’s 2-4

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Washington, D.C., might be packed full of shady characters, but it hardly has a monopoly on these questionable personalities. We should be thankful, we supposed, because these folks keep us employed. Here are some of the top entries in’s Scariest People of 2013 list:’s “Scariest People of 2013” Countdown

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By now, you’ve probably thought about the gifts you’d like to return. That belt is a little too tight, especially after all the Christmas candy. And those slippers? Yeah, yuck. At some point today, you’ll head out to return all those things and buy what you wish you had received.
Too bad you can’t return politicians and bureaucrats just as easily.

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