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Elections 2012: Why Didn’t God Intervene?

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God will not interfere in the moral agency of His children, even when they use that agency to self-immolate. God does not always save His children from the consequences of their poor use of liberty. Humans suffer as a result of their choices. God does not arbitrarily extinguish civilizations. Nations fall under the weight of their own corruption.

Ziggy: Why Romney REALLY Lost, and How to Win in the Future

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There is a dangerous myth circulating around the Net that Mitt Romney lost because he was not “conservative enough”, that millions of Republican voters supposedly stayed home on Election Day, and that the way to win future elections is to nominate “the most conservative candidate”. Any GOP problems with women, youngsters, and minorities are being explained away by claiming that “better communication of conservative principles” will solve everything.

But all of these claims are wrong. In this article, I will show you why Mitt Romney really lost the election, and how Republicans can win future elections.


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I’ve always resisted attempts by forces and people outside of myself to define who I am. I am deeply offended by any party who names me this or that because I am a patriotic, religious, staunchly principled Conservative. The polarization of political adversaries, the heel-digging by the ideological Left and the Bible-clinging, Constitution-loving by the principled Right, underscores the differences that have always been there, and, in the wake of the election, has magnified personal suspicions and misunderstandings a thousand-fold.


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Effect 2: Election 2012 has served to dishearten patriots and Conservatives across the country. The utter astonishment experienced by those of us who worked the ground game for Mitt Romney, as we watched the swing states being ripped perversely away from the voice of the people via vote fraud, is still with us. The compounded trauma of watching our Republican Party leadership roll over like Michael Vick’s dogs after a losing round of dog fighting still stings. We feel wiped out and betrayed.

Ziggy: The Disastrous Impact of an Obama 2nd Term

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Obama will claim his reelection as a mandate for massive tax hikes and massive new domestic spending, as well as a mandate for anything else he may want to do, e.g. veto any entitlement reform. He will insist on massive tax hikes and veto any attempt to even slightly reduce the size and scope of the federal government. Taxes will rise across the board. Spending will balloon, and America will be buried under a mountain of debt from which it will likely never recover. It will share Greece’s fate.


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There appears to be not simply a lack of virtue in Washington D.C. but an outright madness blinding the good and impelling the bad in the power grab of the age.


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We KNOW this election was horribly impacted by vote fraud. We believe that Barack Obama is an illegitimate president. And we are preparing to civilly disobey the Federal Government and defy its mandates and intrusions into our lives, bodies, and bank accounts.


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We need to press the Secretaries of State in the swing states from which reports of vote fraud are pouring to investigate and perform a recounts where reports of fraud are credible. We must demand Congress investigate and do a recount that includes all the Military votes that were delayed, or were impeded by an unfortunate event such as plane crash.

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