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National monuments: Obama’s own Indian Removal Act

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“I fear with a monument, there will be more restrictions, and we won’t have that opportunity, especially our Indian people, our Navajo people. We are always being cut off somewhere, and we don’t really trust the federal government.”

This outdoors lover says “NO Bears Ears Monument”

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I absolutely oppose a monument. The government has already done harm by advertising our area.

This Navajo couple says “No Bears Ears Monument”

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It is heartbreaking to think of what the land will come to if this monument takes place, the access and the resources that will be stripped from those who love the land most.

Concerned about federal wildlife management, Utah board opposes Bears Ears monument

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Greg Sheehan told board members it is important for the state to express its desire to retain management authority over wildlife populations.

Corporate environmentalists LOCK OUT local Navajos from Bears Ears presser

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It turns out the Outdoor Industry was surprised when residents of San Juan County, who oppose the monument, showed up to express their opposition.

Corporations conspire to drive out Native tribes to create playground for the rich

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This monument will prohibit and limit the use of this land by native Americans in San Juan County and other local residents.

Environmentalists trash environment at meeting to discuss protecting the environment

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Please bear in mind that if an ordinary group of campers or hunters had created the kind of environmental disruption documented below, they could be prosecuted by the federal government, heavily fined, or both.

Navajo county commissioner makes passionate case against Bears Ears land grab

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As a Diné/Navajo woman, a resident of San Juan County and Commissioner, I speak in behalf of my constituents – the Grassroots Utah Navajos. We strongly oppose the Bears Ears National Monument designation in San Juan County on our sacred and spiritual grounds.

BLM wrecks Recapture trail AFTER fining citizens $96K who used it for an OHV ride

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They weren’t creating water bars they were closing the trail by create far more damage to the area than the protesters caused on May 10, 2014.

Keeping the public out of public lands: BLM commandments, a litany of “Thou Shalt Not’s”

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MAKING CAMPING IMPOSSIBLE: You must not gather wood. You must not possess glass containers. You must not dispose of human waste except in a portable toilet.

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