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Will corrupt BLM agent linked to bloody operations be key federal witness?

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BLM refused to allow Love, his law enforcement superiors or its state directors to comment for this article. Nor would BLM answer basic questions about Love’s professional resume — when he was hired, his age, where he previously worked and his law enforcement qualifications.

Sarge on Democrats, Exploitation, and Obama-era “Newspeak”

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Mr President, no one has taken more health insurance policies away from the American people than you have! Since the implementation of Obamacare, over seven million policies have been cancelled, many of them being family policies, as insurance companies struggle to adapt to your “one size fits all” insurance requirements.

How Liberalism Turns Citizens into Murdering Little Tyrants

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The apparent “gang initiation” killing of Christopher Lane by three punks may seems to be complicated by the fact that one of the punks was white. But it’s clear to all honest Americans that if all the perpetrators had all been WHITE and the victim had been black, that the racial tyrant victim class would have sustained an insult so severe that it could only be remedied by a pronouncement from on high abolishing civil rights for white people for a generation.


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Flag heart

They loved all Americans sufficiently to pledge their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor in behalf of the Loyalists as well as the Patriots. It was their love for all Americans, their love of God, and their devotion to the principles of human liberty; those which elevate individuality, self-determination, responsibility, and the pursuit of happiness, that compelled them to risk everything. Their unwavering devotion to one point of view defined their love, not as partisanship, but as truth embodied in wise and courageous leadership.


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A cold day in hell

The Obama Administration may succeed in separating the people along ideological lines, but they will not, and cannot separate true believing, patriotic Americans, from their convictions. Barack Obama’s reprehensible decrees will drive patriots closer to their God, more deeply into their American roots, and more fiercely into their willingness to fight. It will be a cold day in hell before Obama succeeds in destroying true religion.

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