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Utah takes feds to court over violation of statehood equality

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In Utah, nearly 70 percent of the state is owned by the federal government, limiting the state’s control over land uses, such as grazing, oil and gas development, and forest management.

Public lands grazing saves Americans $750 million each year

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A 2011 study conducted by University of Idaho Extension Agricultural Economists found that public land ranchers pay on average $1.20 per animal unit more than those who graze on private land.

Local management will serve Utah better than absentee overlords in D.C.

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Unfortunately, this crucial forest access, as with many other areas throughout the state, is dependent on distant Washington bureaucrats.

21st Century Sagebrush Rebellion ramps up as another rancher defies Feds

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“They won’t let me fix the fence, so they’re restricting me from what I already have in contract. They’re not even living up to their whole contract.”

Colorado College uses Outrageous, Biased Language to skew Public Lands Management Poll

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Colorado College State of the Rockies Project calls you a “militant extremist” if you support locally-sourced government.

The Moral Case for Transfer of Public Lands

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Redd and his wife were charged with numerous felony counts and both faced decades in federal prison. In the early morning hours of the day following the raid, Dr. Jim Redd took his own life.

Conservatives Agree, Federal Control in the West is Disastrous

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You get people put in jail for five years for burning 130 acres that they were given permission, it looks like they were given permission to set the fire, and the agency can burn 300,000 acres, and nobody is accountable.

Federal Land Ownership is money down the crapper

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The federal government earned just 73 cents for every dollar of federal land it manages.

The Federal Government’s Immoral Mismanagement of Public Lands

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No sane land manager would allow his timber to burn up, or rich natural resources to remain in the ground, or roads to be closed that provide access to his property. But that is what the federal government does.

The “kook” idea that will save our Western states

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The federal government loses money on the public lands it manages. The states make money, and quite a bit of it.

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