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Old Sarge: The 1950s and Liberal Revisionism

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There is a thread going through the liberal attempt to rewite the history of this nation that needs commenting on. Suddenly, out of the blue, the 1950s has become the ideal time to have been alive as an American. Why? Simple. Most of the tax rates levied on the rich which funded the Second World War were still in place, including the 96% income tax, and the whole world was ordering consumer goods made in America. The thought of high taxes on the rich is nirvana to a Liberal.

The Sarge: On Liberals and Blind Loyalty to Democrat Politicians

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I heard a young man say Calvin Coolidge resegregated the federal government and liked the racist film “Birth of a Nation.” It was Woodrow Wilson, who also revitalized the KKK when they were at a low ebb.

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