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Could Millennials be the Next “Greatest Generation?”

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They also say Americans are sick of war. That America has no stomach for boots on the ground. They say America can’t afford to defend itself. Hopefully, America’s youth will never have to liberate Paris again. But, it would be unwise to assume that this generation could not.

Sarge: Will Obama Run for President in Syria?

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Behind the scenes, President Obama has brilliantly established a new relationship with Iran, working cordially with the new Iranian president. The Iranians agree to take down half of their posters shouting “Death to America.”

Peter Brookes: Time’s on Side of Syria, Iran

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The Assad regime has good reason to fret the use of U.S. force: Sending cruise missiles through the windows of command and control and intelligence facilities and cratering runways would damage its ability to battle the rebels.

Response to Huffpo Article “Syria:What Would Reagan Do?”

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If Reagan were in charge, the most recent chemical attack would never have been perpetrated by the Assad regime, because America would have responded fast and hard the first time the “red line” was crossed.

Ziggy: Obama’s Foreign Policy Failures

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The media falsely claimed during the 2012 presidential race that Obama was more competent on foreign policy and continually propagated his administration’s FP lies which, predictably, the majority of the population bought – not knowing any better.


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As the civil war in Syria between the army loyal to President Assad and the anti-Assad rebels (including Al-Qaeda, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood) continues, some politicians and columnists are calling on the US to start funneling weapons to the rebels or even to bomb Syria. They are wrong.

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