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The Art of Being Irresistible

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Teresa, with her cognitive deficits, her physical struggles, and the barriers placed by nature and social stigma between her and what most regard as fulfillment, are not quite as daunting when measured against her ability to connect with another’s heart.

Ode to the Indifferent

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I cannot help the child to whom moments are a hurdle, where nothing is done so more of nothing can be accomplished at the next juncture, where appetite rules, and like an animal, conniving is disconnected from the heart.

The Disturbing Discipline Problems in Public Schools

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Instead of punishment or suspension for the kids in the ED classroom, their behavioral problems must be “accommodated,” and their classrooms “modified” to meet their needs. In many cases, these kids throw the entire learning environment into chaos, yet because they have an ED designation governed by Special Education law, it is exceedingly difficult to either punish them, suspend them from school, or hold parents to account for the havoc wreaked by their kids.

Why Some Kids Just Can’t Learn

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The public school system has no mechanism with which to hold parents accountable. Private and charter schools may opt to have parent-school contractual relationships.


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Margaret Sanger and her brain children, the philosophical founding fathers of Planned Parenthood and the “final solution” of the German NAZI party of World War II, are alive and well and can be found in the “death panels” of Obamacare as well as the turned up noses in your local American Airlines terminal.

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