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Taxpayers gave Soros-funded groups big bucks via Obama DOJ diversions of settlement cash

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Share the love!TwitterFacebookTumblrGoogle+LinkedinPinterestemailPrintHey, Journalists: Obama Policy Diverted Settlement Cash to Soros-Funded Groups by Aly Nielsen, NewsBusters Judicial Watch recently filed a lawsuit against the Department of Justice after uncovering evidence it forced companies to give money to left-wing nonprofits during the Obama administration — nonprofits which also received millions from billionaire George Soros and other…

The Best of Cute Kittens Against Socialism: 2015

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We may be cute, and we may be kittens and cats, but if you don’t respect our individual liberty and feline dignity, we’ll scratch your freaking eyes out.

Socialism and Human Cattle

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Everyone should spend time on a ranch, our livestock is so happy. They are supported, protected, and live lives in happy oblivion, then we lead them gently to the stock yards, where they are slaughtered.

Seven Ways Progressivism Leads to Civil Decline

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One characteristic of Progressivism is that ideology is supreme, and though lives are destroyed, when it comes to furthering even the most flawed ideas, everyone is expendable.

Immigrants and their Big Government Pharaohs

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In their deprivation the Hebrews enjoyed a measure of security in Egypt, and though they complained and lived daily with the sting of injustice, it would take Moses, a prophet called of God, to incite an insurrection.

The Road to Serfdom for Intelligent Dummies

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The “Austrian School” economic classic, “The Road to Serfdom,” by Fredrich Hayek,” appears below in images that hearken to past decades when trust in government was the norm.

The True Story of Capitalist Pigs

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So piggies two and four tried to organize their community to pass new laws creating programs that would take some of the hard earned wealth that Piggies like one and three had, and force them to give that wealth to piggies like two and four through government social programs.

Jobs and Production: The Engines of Freedom

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In an article written by Martin Fridson in June, 2013, “Who are the Real Job Creators,” he stated: “True economic growth consists of a rise in the economy’s potential output. An increase in potential output, and by extension, bona fide job creation springs from two sources: (1) Population growth, which raises aggregate demand; and (2) Increased productivity.”

Socialism’s Stale Loaf vs. The Bread of Life

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The Gospel warns against covetousness. Socialism is the active coveting and confiscation of the wealth and property of one, so as to be given to another.

Taxation: The Enemy of Free Enterprise

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Most of the dollars are sent to Washington, D.C., and to state governments, making remote the possibility that local businesses will ever see any of those dollars.

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