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Ziggy’s Defense Blog: Rand Paul Blames America First, Advocates Appeasement

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Rand also says the US should “avoid antagonizing Russia over Ukraine” because Ukraine has, for a long time, been in Russia’s sphere of influence. “The Ukraine has a long history of either being a part of the Soviet Union or within that sphere.”

Rand Paul is the One Distorting Reagan’s Foreign Policy

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Ted Cruz (R-TX), has distinguished himself from Paul by adopting Reagan’s foreign policy principles while exposing Paul as the neo-isolationist that he is, the Kentucky Senator is desperate to defend himself.

Ziggy: Retaking the Senate in 2014 is Pure Moonshine

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Let me be blunt: Barring a massive scandal hitting Senate Democrats before the election, Republicans stand absolutely no chance of retaking the Senate in 2014. At best, they may pick up a few seats to add to their currently meagre 45 seats. At worst, they could again lose, on net, seats, as they did last year thanks to extremist candidates like Richard Mourdock.

Ziggy Rebuts IISS’s and Alan Simpson’s False Claims

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Supporters of deep defense cuts, such as Sen. Rand Paul (RINO-KY) and former Senator Alan Simpson (RINO-WY) have used this graph and this false statistic to argue for further defense cuts, claiming, falsely, that the US has a $740 bn military budget and outspends the next 17 countries combined (Simpson).

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