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Bureau of Land Management creates massive wildfire hazard on Oregon ranch

Posted by in Bureau of Land Management, Federal Control, Forestry

In this case the BLM is to be raising the risk of fire in the Oregon high desert by felling trees without actually clearing them.

VIDEO: The appalling economic, environmental and social costs of federal control

Posted by in Constitution, Economy, Federal Land Grabs

This video chronicles the crushing cost to counties in the West of federal control over lands and resources.

Utah Sheriffs push back against federal agency overreach

Posted by in Bullying, Constitution, Federal Land Grabs

“There is an agenda — and don’t kid yourself — there’s an agenda to get rid of the grazing, there’s an agenda to shut down our roads,” Perkins says.

BLM Beltway Bureaucrats’ “miserable” wild horse management

Posted by in Federal Land Grabs, Natural Resources, Statehood Equality

Thanks to that dereliction of duty, the BLM recently informed ranchers in northeastern Nevada that there will be further restrictions on grazing permits because wild horses have overrun certain areas, compromising the health of range lands.

146 U.S. Representatives call out EPA taxpayer-funded anti-farmer plot

Posted by in EPA, Farming, Federal Abuse

“The campaign appears to be part of an alarming trend where EPA engages in funding advocacy efforts against the very entities it is seeking to regulate,” the representatives stated. “EPA cannot systematically choose when it wishes to follow the law and when it does not.”

Rancher: Oregon Owyhee Monument an “act of exclusion” for the disabled, elderly

Posted by in Antiquities Act, Land Grabs, Oregon

The monument would limit access for people who are not aggressive hikers, especially the elderly, handicapped and veterans. Those who enjoy hunting, fishing, rafting and viewing birds, wildlife and wildflowers in the Canyonlands area will also be greatly restricted.

Shocking footage of Oregon BLM agents starting fires near corrals, ranch house

Posted by in Bureau of Land Management, Federal Control, Wildfires

The resulting conflagration destroyed several buildings, including at least one house, and killed over 80 head of cattle.

Outraged Washington residents pin blame for wildfires on federal control, environmentalists

Posted by in Federal Control, Radical Environmentalism, Wildfires

It’s basic common sense. The Endangered Species Act is the mother monster of all the problems in Okanogan County.

Wolf “surplus kills” not as rare as some want you to think

Posted by in Federal Abuse, Public Lands, Wildlife

Our native wildlife in the Yellowstone Ecosystem is being destroyed by these Canadian Timber Wolves. They have already destroyed the moose population in Yellowstone.

More Nevada ranchers relentlessly bullied by the BLM

Posted by in Agriculture, Federal Overreach, Ranching

The Bureau of Land Management uses “drought” as an excuse to drive ranchers off grazing lands, despite overwhelming evidence that managed grazing improves drought-stricken areas.

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