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Tribal support for Bears Ears coming from OUTSIDE of Utah!

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It appears that those supporting an Obama/Jewell land grab of 2 million acres in Utah, are largely NOT FROM UTAH. Environmentalists bussed in ‘astroturfers’ from other states, and, for the most part, supporting tribal chapters are well outside the proposed boundaries of Bears Ears.

Utah Natives fight federal purge of people from ancestral lands

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What does this mean? Well, we’ve seen first-hand what happened to our neighbors, when the Grand Staircase at Escalante National Monument was designated. People eventually moved! They no longer had their livelihood!

With Bundy men imprisoned, BLM, enviros move in for “Gold Butte” land grab

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Reid has called for President Barack Obama to use his executive powers to designate the Gold Butte area a national monument.

America’s greatest environmental threat–the EPA

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There is also demonstrated collusion between EPA employees and outside environmental interests. FOIA requests and legal depositions have revealed a pattern of illicit email trails and phone calls between EPA officials and radical environmental groups.

146 U.S. Representatives call out EPA taxpayer-funded anti-farmer plot

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“The campaign appears to be part of an alarming trend where EPA engages in funding advocacy efforts against the very entities it is seeking to regulate,” the representatives stated. “EPA cannot systematically choose when it wishes to follow the law and when it does not.”

Sierra Club lies about transfer of federal lands, here’s the truth

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Any transfer of public (i.e. federal) lands would be to the state as state-trust lands and would not include national parks, national monuments, national conservation areas, national wildlife areas, wilderness areas nor environmentally sensitive or culturally important areas.

Obama and radical enviros set to kill coal communities in Northwest Colorado

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Coal communities around Twentymile Mine in northwest Colorado face economic ruin if the company running the massive coal mine goes bankrupt.

EPA officials illegally collude with radical “green” groups to formulate national policy

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An extreme level of collusion exists between the EPA and ‘green’ groups to write significant rules that have a dramatic impact on this country’s energy sector and overall economy.

It’s not logging obliterating our forests, it’s the U.S. Forest Service bending to radical environmentalists

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“The environmental regulations and the philosophy prevents them from doing anything to restore the forests to a healthy condition. You literally can’t go in anymore.”

Keeping the public out of public lands: BLM commandments, a litany of “Thou Shalt Not’s”

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MAKING CAMPING IMPOSSIBLE: You must not gather wood. You must not possess glass containers. You must not dispose of human waste except in a portable toilet.

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