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Southern Poverty Law Center: Soros’ ‘morally bankrupt’ propaganda machine

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SPLC’s first president was Julian Bond, a socialist who has supported and participated in socialist, communist, and other radical leftist organizations and activities his entire life.

It’s time we teach the virtues of cheap, abundant fossil fuels

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From kindergarten through high school through Ph.D. programs, all of us are taught that fossil fuel use is fundamentally immoral.

Douglas County Colorado: Epicenter of Successful School Reform

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Numbers reported by Dougco and by the state show teacher turnover rates in line with previous years and with neighboring districts—a somewhat remarkable feat given the fast-paced fundamental changes occurring.

Is it Real, or is it Bull Crap?: Sharpening your “Fallacy” Detectors

Posted by in Abnormal Psychology, American History, Politics, Progressivism

Proof by Lack of Evidence–Proving a negative. For example: “What proof do you have that your daughter didn’t give birth to the baby you call your own?”


Posted by in 2012 Elections, Media Bias, Right Online, Talk Radio

In reality, it’s hip to be Breitbart. The free-lancers of the new media have no corporate interests to which they must comply. There is no template into which they have to fit their reporting. There is no censorship of their remarks. Journalists in the new media, most of them unpaid, are just as ideologically driven as the Progressives in the MSM, but their ideology is based on old-fashioned things like truth, integrity, responsibility, and the “whole story.”


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In short, Ben Freeman and Mia Steinle have, like other POGO anti-defense hacks, once again proven their utter ignorance, and not “waste” in the defense budget. And contrary to their pious denials that

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