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Native American reservations: America’s failed Socialist experiment

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Imagine a country that has a corrupt authoritarian government. In that country no one knows about checks and balances or an independent court system. Private property is not recognized in that country either. Neither can one buy or sell land. And businesses are reluctant to bring investments into this country. Those who have jobs usually work for the public sector. Those who don’t have jobs subsist on entitlements that provide basic food. At the same time, this country sports a free health care system and free access to education. Can you guess what country it is?

National Parks employee openly tells Utah locals “your food and heat do not matter”

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“Again, your food and heat do not matter more than our children’s views. Flat out.”


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They loved all Americans sufficiently to pledge their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor in behalf of the Loyalists as well as the Patriots. It was their love for all Americans, their love of God, and their devotion to the principles of human liberty; those which elevate individuality, self-determination, responsibility, and the pursuit of happiness, that compelled them to risk everything. Their unwavering devotion to one point of view defined their love, not as partisanship, but as truth embodied in wise and courageous leadership.


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There can be no healing so long as one side of the wound is diseased. If the two sides were forced together, sutured by political deals and equivocation, the entire area would become infected, the diseased side corrupting the healthy side with the same toxic beliefs and policies that opened the wound in the first place.

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