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Bundy Ranch Facebook page targeted by violent rhetoric, death wishes, haters

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The San Jose State directory confirms that James Brent, the man “praying” for the Bundys to be shot and killed, teaches political science at a California university. Unless someone with a grudge is impersonating him, this appears to be his genuine identity.

Seven Ways Progressivism Leads to Civil Decline

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One characteristic of Progressivism is that ideology is supreme, and though lives are destroyed, when it comes to furthering even the most flawed ideas, everyone is expendable.

Pro-Gun, Pro-Life: Conservative Hypocrisy?

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Progressives equate guns with violence, while advocating abortion as an acceptable “choice” which needs no rationale other than a woman’s whim. Despite the progressive proclivity to inflict violence on the unborn, they simply cannot understand the Conservative ethos of protecting life with an effective mechanism for defense. But Life and Guns are two rights, that to the moral citizen, are in complete harmony.

Book Review: “The Suckiest Generation” by Hamish MacGolly

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I’m a late Baby Boomer, having been born sometime shortly after the Edsel, but I was not personally insulted by MacGolly’s treatise on how my generation destroyed America. Instead, as I read the book while sitting in my cardboard box at the corner of 7th and Main, I had an uneasy feeling that he may be right. Let’s look at the book chapter by chapter to discern how ‘The Suckiest Generation’ went about dismantling ‘America the Beautiful.’


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Effect 2: Election 2012 has served to dishearten patriots and Conservatives across the country. The utter astonishment experienced by those of us who worked the ground game for Mitt Romney, as we watched the swing states being ripped perversely away from the voice of the people via vote fraud, is still with us. The compounded trauma of watching our Republican Party leadership roll over like Michael Vick’s dogs after a losing round of dog fighting still stings. We feel wiped out and betrayed.


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In reality, it’s hip to be Breitbart. The free-lancers of the new media have no corporate interests to which they must comply. There is no template into which they have to fit their reporting. There is no censorship of their remarks. Journalists in the new media, most of them unpaid, are just as ideologically driven as the Progressives in the MSM, but their ideology is based on old-fashioned things like truth, integrity, responsibility, and the “whole story.”


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One would assume that such a restrictive policy would be based on evidence that baby formula turns infants into face-eating cannibals, or causes them to grow up and watch CNN, but that’s not the case.


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“You are utterly ridiculous! You should be ashamed to use the name Reagan. Reagan would never approve of you. You never say anything important! You suck, you s*&% for brains!”


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Memo to progressives: BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID. Your depictions of fanatics, crazies, religious nuts, hillbillies, tea-baggers, uneducated masses on the Right, specifically of the Tea Party movement is the exact opposite of what is true. We are on to you.

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