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Colorado Kill Blog III

Posted by in Colorado Politics, Legislation

It’s mid-session in the Colorado State Legislature, and numerous bad bills have been dispatched with extreme prejudice by the various House and Senate committees. Here, we revisit the carnage.

Colorado Kill Blog II

Posted by in Colorado Politics, humor, Legislation

The Pandora’s Box of litigation potentially spewing forth by so-called animal rights organizations, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the ASPCA, or various humane societies, could cripple livestock operations, pet stores, and even ordinary citizens whose interactions with animals may be deemed “abusive.”

Colorado Kill Blog

Posted by in Colorado Politics, Legislation, State Legislature

The Colorado Kill Blog is the good news of the Limited Government Gospel. Here, we chronicle, with gratuitous glee, the deaths of bad bills.

Democrat Christians: Sleeping with the Enemy?

Posted by in Culture, Religion, Western Civilization

This single statistic indicates that the increasing polarization comes not from the Right going far right, but rather from the Left becoming increasingly estranged from the fundamental characteristics of American society. But there is more..

The Best of the Worst: Claudette Konola

Posted by in Colorado Politics

Every so often you find a liberal Democrat who ditched Public Image boot camp, and instead of tucking away less-than-statesmanlike impulses, just lets it all hang out to flap in the wind.

Old Sarge on the Irony of Democrat Actions

Posted by in Illegal immigration, Militant Feminism

Movie stars are advisers to Democrat lawmakers, while the same people dismiss the founding principles and Constitution of the United States as “arcane.”

Flashback: Mark Udall Flip-flops on Obamacare Fix

Posted by in Colorado Politics, Democrats, Obamacare

Udall co-wrote the Continuous Coverage Act with Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-NH after attending a meeting with the president and voicing his concerns. Then came news that only 106,185 people had enrolled in Obamacare while 4 million have been served with cancellation notices.’s “Scariest People of 2013″ Countdown, Nos. 8-5

Posted by in New American Feminism

We live for the chance to find that breaking story and pass it along. We also relish finding the bad dudes and letting you know about them so you can make wise choices at the ballot boxes.

Union-backed Group Appeals to Worst Instincts of Youth in Western States

Posted by in Colorado Politics, Morality, Unions

The original Portland-based group created the “Vote, F*cker” campaign to send a message that casting ballots isn’t solely for the elderly.

#TopTen Ways Hippies and Liberals are Like Nazis

Posted by in Abnormal Psychology, liberalism, Social Psychology

To the Nazis in Germany, Margaret Sanger was the philosophical force behind “Eugenics,” which was a key component of Hitler’s plan for a “master race.

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