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Several states take BLM to court for illegal, underhanded tactics

Posted by in Bureau of Land Management, Federal Agencies, Western Resources

WEA asks the court to direct the BLM to “abandon its current leasing schedule immediately, rescind any guidance documents and instruction memoranda that implement these unlawful practices,

POOPGATE: Who’s spreading feces at EPA? McCarthy hinders IG probe

Posted by in Corruption, Federal Abuse, Government Run Amok

The EPA said the agency will continue to not share information with the inspector general of its investigations into its employees, who have been caught watching porn at work for up to six hours a day, and spreading fecesin hallways.

Dangerous thug agent, Dan Love, gets big promotion from BLM

Posted by in Federal militarism, Government Run Amok

Love, who was BLM’s special agent in charge for Nevada and Utah, this week was named BLM’s special agent in charge of security, protection and intelligence, a newly created post.

Liz Cheney on EPA: We need a revolution on regulations

Posted by in Climate Hysteria, EPA, Government Overreach

The EPA “epitomizes everything that is wrong with the federal government” and proposes declaring that it is agency non grata in Wyoming. State Rep. Tim Stubson said Congress should do more to trim “governmental overreach.”

EPA harassment of disabled Vietnam vet worse than previously reported–Here’s why

Posted by in Environmental extremism, Federal Abuse, Government Abuse

Robertson’s second trial resulted in his conviction on charges of violating EPA regulations. In what is becoming another increasingly common corruption of the Constitution, the guilty verdict forced Robertson out of his home and into a trailer because his wife keeps a gun safe in their home and, as a convicted felon, he is not allowed to have access to firearms!

BLM Beltway Bureaucrats’ “miserable” wild horse management

Posted by in Federal Land Grabs, Natural Resources, Statehood Equality

Thanks to that dereliction of duty, the BLM recently informed ranchers in northeastern Nevada that there will be further restrictions on grazing permits because wild horses have overrun certain areas, compromising the health of range lands.

Rancher: Oregon Owyhee Monument an “act of exclusion” for the disabled, elderly

Posted by in Antiquities Act, Land Grabs, Oregon

The monument would limit access for people who are not aggressive hikers, especially the elderly, handicapped and veterans. Those who enjoy hunting, fishing, rafting and viewing birds, wildlife and wildflowers in the Canyonlands area will also be greatly restricted.

21st Century Sagebrush Rebellion ramps up as another rancher defies Feds

Posted by in Federal Overreach, Sagebrush Rebellion

“They won’t let me fix the fence, so they’re restricting me from what I already have in contract. They’re not even living up to their whole contract.”

Puddle Nazis: EPA Water regulations crush small, low-income farmers

Posted by in Environmental extremism, Farming, Federal Overreach

The EPA’s plan is unnecessary and prohibitively expensive, forbidding the flexibility needed to economically reach the environmental goals everyone in this controversy shares.

You can’t make this stuff up, EPA says rocks are pollutants, threatens millions in fines

Posted by in Environmental extremism, Federal Abuse

Bill Case is being accused of “discharging pollutants” into the North Santiam River by the EPA.

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