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Obesity in America and the Nanny State

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This is a huge waste of dollars not just because the government is top-heavy and inefficient, but because the cause of obesity in America is obvious to even the casual observer. The government makes people fat, end of story. How this occurs is slightly more complex, but a typical 8th grader–the equivalent of a 2nd grader in the 1950s–can follow this reasoning.

Are Leafy Greens the Next Civil Right?

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The feel-gooders and foodicrats bemoaning the food desert “crisis” fail to take into account that, even in poverty-plagued, welfare wrecked urban neighborhoods, the free market is at work. If “Whole Foods” really had a viable market in an inner city burg, they would open a store.

Obesity and Massive Food Waste, Courtesy of Big Government

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Eating, in the 21st Century, commands a role as American’s favorite recreational sport.


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First of all, Federal Law is in conflict with state laws that legalize pot. Whether or not you agree with this, the biggest impact will be on the most important role of the Federal Government, and that is to protect and defend our borders and our people. There are stringent prohibitions against drug use in the United States Military, and penalties for breaking the rules are serious.


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I just don’t see the hungry people. These summertime freeloader feasts are frequented not by the famished and faint, but by the fat and flourishing.

Public School Gingerbread House

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It sounds like a dark, lurid tale. An evil creature luring little children to a feast. The kiddies get fat and sassy on limitless sweets and meat pies. Fat and sassy, indolent and apathetic, and finally, completely helpless against the terrible fate the evil creature had, all along, designed for them. This is not “Hansel and Gretel,” this is the feeding trough of the public school free food trap.


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Do not wussify this grand state with your “sodium initiatives!” Colorado is, after all, a state dotted with a hundred thousand salt-licks.

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