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Gold Stars, Broken Hearts

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Although politics may rage at home, they have chosen to fight, not for a party or a chosen leader, but for the idea of freedom. Parents who raise warriors know that their sons and daughters understand the cost of freedom, and every moment of every day presents an opportunity for that cost to be exacted in blood.


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Russia has a large nuclear submarine fleet, mostly inherited from Gorbachev, but also some subs built after 1991. The VMF (Voyenno-Morskoy Flot, i.e. the Russian Navy) has three types of nuclear submarines: ballistic missile, cruise missile, and attack submarines

Ziggy Rebuts Lies About Romney’s Ship Building Plan

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No amount of technology or capability is, or will ever be, a substitute for numbers.

Yet, the Navy is smaller today that at almost any other point (except 2007) in the last 96 years, even though the world is much more dangerous than it was in 1916 or even 2001 and hasn’t gotten any smaller (geographically).

Ziggy: Rebuttal of Rachel Kleinfeld’s Lies

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This is utter garbage, coming of course from a strident liberal who orchestrated President Clinton’s disastrous defense cuts and who is still lying about defense spending to this day (and has repeatedly been rebuked by me for doing so). 4% of GDP is a very modest amount. The US spent a much LARGER percentage of its GDP on defense throughout all of the Cold War except FY1948 and the Carter years, yet, the economy didn’t collapse. Under President Reagan, the US spent 6% of GDP on defense, yet, under his presidency, the US economy expanded rapidly, by a size equivalent to that of the economy of West Germany at the time.


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Furthermore, under Obama’s own plans, even if sequestration does not proceed, the USN’s cruiser, destroyer, and submarine fleets will decline precipitously below today’s already-inadequate levels, as documented by Ronald O’Rourke of the Congressional Research Service. Moreover, comparing ships to “bayonets and horses” and thus implying that warships are relics of the past is not just wrong, it’s demeaning for the Navy. So Mitt Romney is right: the Navy DOES need a lot more ships than it has today.


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Mourning has its part, for what is joy if not the fullness of all things; the bitter and the sweet, pain and convalescence, the boisterous sunrise and the blushing sunset, the burden of youth, and the absolution of the soul that learned how to live.

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