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While we Fought Amnesty, Obama Executed a Massive Land Grab

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What in the world does this have to do with defending America against the numerous threats we face? The answer is: nothing.

Will Obama Employ Antiquities Act in Massive Western Land Grab?

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The National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) is working with the National Park Service (NPS) to implement “Landscape-level conservation,” which regards national parks as simply “hubs within larger, landscape-level conservation efforts.”

How Social Media Drives National Park Vandalism

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Share the love!TwitterFacebookTumblrGoogle+LinkedinPinterestemailPrint May 10, 2014 This article, found on the Friends of the Colorado Monument website, brings attention to the downside of big crowds drawn to high-visibility, historically famous national parks. Those crowds, combined with quick fame via social media postings, have created a new vulnerability to our national protected areas that neither the…

Beware: Federal Government Uses “National Park” Status to Control State Lands

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As a close neighbor and regular user of Colorado National Monument in western Colorado close to Grand Junction, I suffered a sharp attack of NIMBYism when I heard of a 2011 proposal to turn one of the nation’s oldest national monuments into one of its smallest, newest national parks.

Private Property is the Real “Endangered Species” in Federal Land Grab

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Environmentalists and an aggressive federal government are trying to remove ranchers from federal lands they have used for generations.

The Case for Handing National Park Control Back to the States

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The larger the footprint of the Federal Government, the more of American life is stepped on by it. The Obama Administration, in a paroxysm of indignation, is determined to prevent citizens from seeing, touching, and enjoying those things that were created by individual Americans.

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