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Government interference in energy markets impedes national security

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If the goal of government is to advance policies that keep America free, safe and prosperous, then in energy export reform, Washington has an opportunity to check all three blocks at once.

Gaps in the Nuclear Mission: 5 Things You Should Know

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This was not the first review of U.S. nuclear forces since the Cold War, as the review noted. As the panel urged in the report, this time, the government’s response needs to be “sustained and effective.”

The Growing Threat of an EMP Strike

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The EMP effect can also be created during an electromagnetic solar storm—known as a Carrington effect—and could impact the grid the same way as a nuclear weapon.

Ziggy’s Rebuttal of Jack Matlock’s Blame America First lies and those about Reagan

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Matlock also claims the US did not really win the Cold War or cause the USSR’s collapse. Furthermore, he claims in his book that Ronald Reagan’s sole (and secondary) contribution to ending the Cold War was supposedly abandoning the hawkish policies of his first term.

Peter Brookes: Time’s on Side of Syria, Iran

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The Assad regime has good reason to fret the use of U.S. force: Sending cruise missiles through the windows of command and control and intelligence facilities and cratering runways would damage its ability to battle the rebels.

The F/A-18E/F Super Bug Cannot Meet Canada/America Defense Demands

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The Super Bug cannot meet any of Canada’s defense needs.

Similarly, in the US, some ignorant people, misled by Boeing advertising and pacifist, anti-defense groups, are calling on the Navy and the Marines to cancel their variants of the F-35 and buy the Super Bug instead. Again, this would be a grave mistake.

Ziggy: It’s a Blue Christmas if You’re a National Defense Conservative

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At the same time, Republicans have tolerated, and continue to tolerate, in their ranks pseudo-conservative Congressmen and Senators who support deep defense cuts (indeed, lead campaigns for such cuts), oppose solutions to sequestration, oppose giving American troops what they need, and collaborate with the House’s most strident liberals for that purpose.

Ziggy: The Disastrous Impact of an Obama 2nd Term

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Obama will claim his reelection as a mandate for massive tax hikes and massive new domestic spending, as well as a mandate for anything else he may want to do, e.g. veto any entitlement reform. He will insist on massive tax hikes and veto any attempt to even slightly reduce the size and scope of the federal government. Taxes will rise across the board. Spending will balloon, and America will be buried under a mountain of debt from which it will likely never recover. It will share Greece’s fate.

ZIGGY: Paul Ryan is Right;The Generals are Wrong

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And the DOD’s genuine strategy from just 2 years ago (when budget circumstances were even worse), the 2010 QDR, is quite different from this pseudostrategy. It called for a much larger and more capable military than this pseudostrategy calls for. Did the world become much safer in the last 2 years? No. Obama decided to cut defense even more deeply.


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Unmanned strike aircraft are no substitute because they don’t have the sufficient range, payload capability, degree of stealthiness, or other attributes that bombers, especially B-2 bombers, provide.

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