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Bad Parenting: The Nanny State

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If you’re a parent you should care about the widespread practice of arresting parents, usually moms, for letting their children play outdoors unattended.

Nanny State at the Beach or What’s More Irritating than Sand in Your Butt Crack?

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The resort town of Bethany Beach, Del., took things a step farther this summer. With smoking already banned at public beaches there, city officials decided to extend the ban to electronic cigarettes as well.

Obesity in America and the Nanny State

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This is a huge waste of dollars not just because the government is top-heavy and inefficient, but because the cause of obesity in America is obvious to even the casual observer. The government makes people fat, end of story. How this occurs is slightly more complex, but a typical 8th grader–the equivalent of a 2nd grader in the 1950s–can follow this reasoning.

Colorado Wastes Millions with Bungled Food Stamp Payments

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Such is case with Colorado’s food stamp program, which hands out millions of dollars in food aid annually to needy state residents. According to federal documents, Colorado is bungling more food stamp payments than the average state and it costs taxpayers millions each year.

The Culture of Educational Non-Performance

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Like the wretched parent, enabling a dependent, addicted child, the United States government is furthering policies that will hobble a generation of Hispanics who, having no requirement to perform or compete in the arena of Free Market Capitalism, will lack the skills and knowledge necessary to survive when the government buckles beneath the weight of its own good intentions.

Life Coaches and a Lost Generation

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Having a personal Life Coach may just be another passing banality, but my fear is that the emergence of a profession built upon “coaching” individuals how to live, signals the falling away of essential principles and individual survival skills.


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Remember the classic scene from “Trading Places” in which Eddie Murphy feigns amputated legs in order to win sympathy, and handouts, from unsuspecting passersby? This reminds me of the contrived victim status that so many, like the big baby in California, Stanley Thornton, take upon themselves in order to garner nanny-state largess.

Public School Gingerbread House

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It sounds like a dark, lurid tale. An evil creature luring little children to a feast. The kiddies get fat and sassy on limitless sweets and meat pies. Fat and sassy, indolent and apathetic, and finally, completely helpless against the terrible fate the evil creature had, all along, designed for them. This is not “Hansel and Gretel,” this is the feeding trough of the public school free food trap.

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