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How American History Improves Educational Achievement

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A number of our social problems and political divisions come from the inability of people to formulate and conform to a national identity. Minorities fail to assimilate properly because they’re not taught what it means to be an American. Even non-immigrant students are sometimes confused about what is right with America, what is wrong about our history, and whether or not they should be proud of their country.

Is Atheism a Religion?

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Atheism and its followers have achieved all these marks and more. In fact one web site invites atheists to “Come on down to hear inspirational speakers and to enjoy a morning that is part-foot stomping show, part-atheist church.”

Why Homosexual Identity Should Not Be Applied to Children

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All children experience emotional and social vacillations during adolescence, usually ages 12 to 18, during which experimentation with relationship roles and personal identity occurs. It’s not until early adulthood, and sometimes later, that individuals become set in the identity that determines personal direction, purpose, affiliations, and belief systems.


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First of all, Federal Law is in conflict with state laws that legalize pot. Whether or not you agree with this, the biggest impact will be on the most important role of the Federal Government, and that is to protect and defend our borders and our people. There are stringent prohibitions against drug use in the United States Military, and penalties for breaking the rules are serious.


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Author’s Note: I am an Mormon, Mitt Romney is a Mormon, and Harry Reid is a Mormon. But Harry Reid is what I call a MINO–Mormon In Name Only–because his sniveling brand of back-ally liberalism has no resemblance to any form of Mormonism I have ever seen. I’m not even sure if the Senate Majority Weasel is from this planet.


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Government is not a necessary evil, nor is it necessarily evil. Government is a good when it performs its proper role within the proper constraints of Constitutional law. The law is the great moral paragon. When laws are established that recognize the absolutes of reality–such as the fact that a human child, whether in or out of the womb, is a human child–the culture of the body politic is permeated with the same moral sensibility. You may call such a sensibility a stigma, or a standard, but either way it is the back painting of the moral conscience of a self-governing people.


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This is the beauty of Capitalism when it is not corrupted by the outside intervention of extrinsic powers such as government bureaucrats and power-hungry politicians. Humans respond positively when value is returned for value. The incentive, both physical and spiritual, to progress, invent, explore, and find a better way, always follows in a natural process of exchange of value for value. Only individuals can determine what value is of a worth equivalent to the treasures of thought, industry, and love they have to offer.


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The big mistake that politicians continue to make–which proves disastrous to the republic–is to assume that since the Constitution is a secular document, that is is absent a religious theme.


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Morality must be the central drive and instinct, the principled impulse, that requires the Patriot heart to act in defense of liberty. We will never have a good nation, if we first, are not good and moral ourselves.

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