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Big money and myths behind Bears Ears land grab push

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The difference in funding is staggering $20,000,000.00 (radicalized environmentalists) vs $1,870.00 (grassroots movement).

Hippy dippy transplant gets bright idea from New York City to put fake boulders in Moab!

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Inspiration for the Moab Boulder Park came from an artificial environment in a far-away city.

Southern Utah County Council Panders to Radical Environmental Interests

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The Grand County, Utah Council is not representing the needs of Grand County citizens. Instead, they are listening only to the views of national non-profits like Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, the Sierra Club and Grand Canyon Trust.

Atomic Warm Fuzzies

Posted by in National Defense

I miss the Uranium Boom of my childhood. Americans were aware of the threats presented by the Cold War, but we felt safe because we knew that we were actively involved in building our defenses. We knew and named the enemy for what it was. “Communism” was the hiss and byword of my youth.


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Mourning has its part, for what is joy if not the fullness of all things; the bitter and the sweet, pain and convalescence, the boisterous sunrise and the blushing sunset, the burden of youth, and the absolution of the soul that learned how to live.

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