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How Obama’s Weakness Made the World More Dangerous

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The Obama Administration, in what amounts to unilateral arms reduction, is the cook using the same ingredients that 90 years ago would prove to create an explosive dish called World War II. The ingredients for disaster are amassed, and it appears that Barack Obama with his “nuclear utopianism” is just the chef to pull it off.

This Scary Movie is Not for Entertainment

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The movie’s title comes from the estimated time it would take for a ballistic missile launched from any point on the globe, to reach the United States mainland.

Israel’s “Iron Dome:” What Is It and How Does It Work?

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For Hamas and Hezbollah to argue against Iron Dome, they will have to assert that Israeli use of this defensive system is an aggressive measure. The argument is implausible.

Navy Sub Chief proves that America cannot afford to cut its SSBN fleet

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The Left, which has been after America’s nuclear arsenal for decades and which has always sought to disarm the US unilaterally, has targeted the USN’s ballistic missile submarine fleet for deep cuts, claiming that it’s too big and too expensive and that 8 “boomers” loaded massively with missiles could do the job of nuclear deterrence as well as the Navy’s current 14 boomers or planned 12 boomers could.

Ziggy: Exposing the “Sequestration is Just a Cut in the Rate of Growth” Lie

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Sequestration, for those not yet familiar with it, is an automatic process whereby the discretionary portion of the federal budget (but not the mandatory portion, i.e. not entitlements or debt interest) will be significantly and automatically cut – and by far the heaviest cuts, over 60% of the total, will fall on the defense budget.

Ziggy: “Taxpayers for Common Sense” and CAGW Caught Lying to Congress

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These are just the most damaging, most crippling of the defense cuts that POGO and TCS have proposed. Implementing them would gut the military and make it unable to counter anti-access/area-denial threats – the most pervasive and ubiquitous threats the US faces today – because TCS and POGO have targeted the very weapons and capabilities needed to counter these threats.

Ziggy: Just Say “NO!” to Unilateral Dismantling of Nuclear Arsenal

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New START turned out to be a very bad deal for the U.S. In this treaty, President Obama gave away U.S. leverage on missile defense and strategic weapons. The U.S. has barely anything left to negotiate on tactical nuclear weapons where Russia has a dramatic advantage. The ISAB incorrectly calls them “nonstrategic,” but in reality, any use of nuclear weapons on the battlefield will have strategic consequences.

Ziggy Rebuts CATO/PDA’s ‘Defense Sense’ Proposed Cuts

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In May 2012, the CATO Institute and the extremely-leftist, Massachusetts-based “Project on Defense Alternatives” wrote and published a garbage pamphlet ridiculously titled “Defense Sense” (it should actually have been titled “Defense Nonsense”).

America Must Not Cut its Nuclear Arsenal or SSBN Fleet

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Russia and China are rapidly growing and modernizing their nuclear arsenals, North Korea is perfecting its warheads and missiles, Iran is racing towards nuclear weapons, and what do Western arms control advocacy organizations advocate? That the US disarm itself unilaterally.

Ziggy: The Disastrous Impact of an Obama 2nd Term

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Obama will claim his reelection as a mandate for massive tax hikes and massive new domestic spending, as well as a mandate for anything else he may want to do, e.g. veto any entitlement reform. He will insist on massive tax hikes and veto any attempt to even slightly reduce the size and scope of the federal government. Taxes will rise across the board. Spending will balloon, and America will be buried under a mountain of debt from which it will likely never recover. It will share Greece’s fate.

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