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Colorado’s Legalized Pot: A Dangerous Disappointment

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The science is clear and unambiguous – pot is a dangerous substance. It is not like alcohol at all. There is a reason it is classified as a Schedule I controlled dangerous substance, right along with heroin, LSD and ecstasy.

Psychological Comfort Food: Living, Not Just Surviving

Posted by in Emergency Preparedness

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy has brought a lot of attention to preparedness communities, or “preppers.” These networks have become expert in researching and devising ways to prepare their homes to be havens of health and security in the case of local or national collapses.

Good Values are Better for Women than Feminism, Here’s Why

Posted by in Christian Teachings, Family, Government Dependence

Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and other early feminists embraced the natural roles of women; not those imposed unjustly by society or abusive individuals, but the roles for which women are spiritually and biologically equipped.

The Disturbing Discipline Problems in Public Schools

Posted by in Abnormal Psychology, Economy

Instead of punishment or suspension for the kids in the ED classroom, their behavioral problems must be “accommodated,” and their classrooms “modified” to meet their needs. In many cases, these kids throw the entire learning environment into chaos, yet because they have an ED designation governed by Special Education law, it is exceedingly difficult to either punish them, suspend them from school, or hold parents to account for the havoc wreaked by their kids.


Posted by in 2012 Elections, Abnormal Psychology, Marijuana, National Security

First of all, Federal Law is in conflict with state laws that legalize pot. Whether or not you agree with this, the biggest impact will be on the most important role of the Federal Government, and that is to protect and defend our borders and our people. There are stringent prohibitions against drug use in the United States Military, and penalties for breaking the rules are serious.

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