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Marketing Cannabis to Colorado Kids

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Unfortunately, when the marijuana culture got a wink and a nod from the government of Colorado, parents in the state were faced with yet another monster from which they must shield their kids.

The DUH! Files: Teen Pot Usage Up Since Legalization in Colorado

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It is a fact that where pot is illegal across the board, there is less abuse by teens because they FEAR the consequences.

Common Freaking Sense on the Downside of Legalized Pot

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Preschooler bagging marijuana

America needs a spiritual revival to address the problem of drugs in our homes, schools, and communities. Permissive laws that encourage the sale of destructive substances will only add to the moral crisis that is destroying us from within

Dispensing Stupid:Legalized Pot

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Weed, pot, bud, what ever innocuous name you want to give it, marijuana is the gateway as well as the foundation of wide spread social deterioration, crime, and spiritual impotence.


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Aspen is peopled with the rich. Not just the upper class, or merely wealthy, but the mega-super-duper-crazy rich.

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