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April 30, 1975: The Amazing Escape and Rescue of Bung Ly

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Midway refugees

There was little deliberation and almost instantaneous action by Captain Chambers who ordered that all of the arresting wires drawn across the deck in order to reduce the speed of the landing jets be removed. He did not hesitate to order every available seaman on deck to move as many helicopters as possible to one side of the ship. Any aircraft impeding the ingress of the little Bird-dog and its invaluable cargo would be pushed overboard and into the sea.

Vietnam War Remembered: My Fallen Brother

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I was a eight, just a few months shy of nine at the time my oldest brother was killed and my parents’ hearts were intractably broken. I am the youngest of their seven children, my only sister was the oldest, with five brothers in-between. Don was born on my sister’s first birthday, March 6, 1948.

Saving the Vietnamese Orphans: The Story of Operation Babylift

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The words “Operation Babylift” had a muted familiarity to me. I was 13 years old at the time the United States Military was forced by the 94th Congress to pull out of Southeast Asia. But my interest grew and Bob described to me an event which would come to be known as one of the greatest humanitarian efforts of the 20th Century.

The Good, the Bad, and the Deadly: Tales from Vietnam

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The unit went about another 1000 yards and came upon a complex of caves. While exploring these, we found a complete hospital unit and the medicines that were stockpiled where from Berkeley College in California!

The Sarge: Reflections of Vietnam

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Lanh, I am getting old now, and it’s been many years since that dreadful war in your homeland took your precious life. I remember the times we had together (too few), in between patrols and missions, when we talked about getting married.

Why Should We Remember Vietnam?

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There are no other patriotic books for young children written about the Vietnam Era. Emerging generations need to know the stories of heroism and honor that came out of the Vietnam War.

The Hero of “Little Bird Dog and the Big Ship” in His Own Words

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Bung Ly, the heroic pilot of the little Cessna O-1 Bird Dog, stood once again on the deck of the USS Midway and recounted the tale of his escape from Con Son Island and rescue by Captain Chambers and his exhausted crew.

The Vietnam War Remembered…in Books for Children

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He described how, at the very last moment before the Midway left the South China Sea, a tiny airplane packed with a Vietnamese pilot and his family, landed on the deck of the Midway. He described how the captain of the Midway had ordered the Huey helicopters cluttering the runway to be pushed into the sea to make room for the little airplane, and how, upon its safe landing, the crew of the vast ship encircled the little family, shouting and cheering with triumph and relief.

Daring to Remember the Vietnam War

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For American children to understand who they are and why they have they country they do; a country that was purchased through installments of blood, they must understand the conditions of war, and they must appreciate the character of the warriors who fought it. When they comprehend the adversity heaped upon servicemen who fought the Vietnam War, and why certain men and women chose to intervene and fight for America, even when politicians, the popular culture, the media, and their friends despised them for it, then they will understand what it means to be a hero.

Who Loves “Little Bird Dog and the Big Ship?”

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The true story of Bung Ly and the amazing rescue of his family on the USS Midway is captivating children of all ages.

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