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Old Sarge: Now is no time to surrender

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Americans before us have been in tighter spots than we are now. Remember Winston Churchill’s words, “Never surrender, never give up, never give in!”

Old Sarge on Tortured Liberal Logic

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Demonstrations staged by the left nearly always turn violent, and the threats by Occupy Wall Street to haul politicians and business people out and hang them bothered not a single Democrat.

The Arrested Emotional Development of Liberals

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“If you’re not liberal when you’re young, you have no heart. If you’re not conservative when you’re older, you have no brain.”

Libertarianism and God

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Modern Libertarianism has a reputation as being the home of fiscally conservative pro-choice potheads. That’s true in some cases, but most Libertarians exercise some form of faith in deity. But the philosophy of “non-aggression” is more dependent upon faith in God than perhaps many Libertarians realize.

Sarge on the Righteous Use of Violence

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I heard it again yesterday. “Violence never solved anything.” The damned souls in Hell of Hitler and Tojo would be surprised to hear that. On the contrary, violence of varying degrees has been part of every major solution and event in history.

Do Americans Really Appreciate Their Heroes?

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While Dad was in Korea and my older sister suffered with polio, we lived luxuriously in wonderful clapboard wooden housing built years before, eating the best rice and beans the economy and the local stores had to offer

Unproductive CU Professors: Fat and Happy in Boulder

Posted by in Colorado Politics, Education, liberalism

In the past academic year, nearly a full third of the professors at CU, Boulder did not teach at all.

#TopTen Zombie New Year’s Resolutions: 2014

Posted by in Abnormal Psychology, Zombie Apocalypse

Buy Rosetta Stone “Moan, Wail and Groan in Japanese” edition to expand my communication abilities

#TopTen Ways Hippies and Liberals are Like Nazis

Posted by in Abnormal Psychology, liberalism, Social Psychology

To the Nazis in Germany, Margaret Sanger was the philosophical force behind “Eugenics,” which was a key component of Hitler’s plan for a “master race.

How Liberalism Turns Citizens into Murdering Little Tyrants

Posted by in liberalism, Race Relations, Racism

The apparent “gang initiation” killing of Christopher Lane by three punks may seems to be complicated by the fact that one of the punks was white. But it’s clear to all honest Americans that if all the perpetrators had all been WHITE and the victim had been black, that the racial tyrant victim class would have sustained an insult so severe that it could only be remedied by a pronouncement from on high abolishing civil rights for white people for a generation.

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