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Why Progressive Radicals want to Ban “Conversion Therapy”

Posted by in Colorado Politics, Medicine, Mental Health

“Conversion Therapy” is an inaccurate and somewhat derisive name for the type counseling that individuals beset with homosexual questioning may obtain in a quest to reconcile unwanted feelings of same-sex attraction.

Colorado Kill Blog IV

Posted by in Colorado Politics

It’s true that Democrats have never met a profession they wouldn’t like to regulate.

Colorado Kill Blog III

Posted by in Colorado Politics, Legislation

It’s mid-session in the Colorado State Legislature, and numerous bad bills have been dispatched with extreme prejudice by the various House and Senate committees. Here, we revisit the carnage.

Colorado Kill Blog II

Posted by in Colorado Politics, humor, Legislation

The Pandora’s Box of litigation potentially spewing forth by so-called animal rights organizations, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the ASPCA, or various humane societies, could cripple livestock operations, pet stores, and even ordinary citizens whose interactions with animals may be deemed “abusive.”

Colorado Kill Blog

Posted by in Colorado Politics, Legislation, State Legislature

The Colorado Kill Blog is the good news of the Limited Government Gospel. Here, we chronicle, with gratuitous glee, the deaths of bad bills.

The Case for Handing National Park Control Back to the States

Posted by in National Parks, Obamacare, Zombie Apocalypse

The larger the footprint of the Federal Government, the more of American life is stepped on by it. The Obama Administration, in a paroxysm of indignation, is determined to prevent citizens from seeing, touching, and enjoying those things that were created by individual Americans.

The Abortion Debate Comes Home

Posted by in Abortion, Politics

Share the love!TwitterFacebookTumblrGoogle+LinkedinPinterestemailPrint Article first published as Abortion Debate Devolves to the States on Technorati. The abortion issue is no longer a national debate. This is not to say that legalized abortion, pro or con, is not on the conscience of every thinking American. But, of late, abortion has become much more of a state-to-state issue,…

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