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By day three this pertinacious puss had become a campus celebrity.

Crucifixion Diary

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They would not stay awake! My friends could not even watch and pray with me. I am alone in this intercessory prayer, save for the momentary comfort of an Angel, which strengthened me only enough to bear up under this weight. For the load of my suffering is not lighter but has increased beyond understanding.

Acceptable Blood: The Sacrifice of Heroes

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This young soldier took turns at point with a good buddy of his, but the guys in his patrol liked him best because he was handy with the machine gun. They had been taking turns one day when his buddy was shot. It was a roll of the dice. If it had been him as pointman he would have been shot. The father spoke of how this buddy had died in his son’s arms shortly after being hit. His last words were, “Josh, I’ve been shot.” The father was reluctant to tell his wife about this incident. Mothers, you see, don’t mourn just for their own.

Dirty Christians, Dirty Fights

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I sometimes think that Christians are crippled with fear. Their crippling phobia is not fear of death, or fear of speaking the Word of God, but rather a fear of being polluted by non-Christians, or by other Christians whose doctrines differ from their own.

Socialism’s Stale Loaf vs. The Bread of Life

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The Gospel warns against covetousness. Socialism is the active coveting and confiscation of the wealth and property of one, so as to be given to another.

When was Jesus Really Born?

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The tradition of Christmas in December has powerful meaning, however, and in the Northern Hemisphere where cold grips the world; fog, ice, and darkness have become powerful symbols of the fate that would befall Creation if the Savior never was.

Old Sarge: Jesus and Other Heroes

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Arland could have tied the rope around himself as it dangled near him, but time and again, he passed the rope to another passenger who was still alive.

What is God’s Idea of Perfection?

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To know that God’s Heaven is not people with those whose lives were lived in perfect ease, or perfected bodies, or perfection of circumstance, but rather those who spent their lives following the perfect Light of the Son.


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The Star of Bethlehem, the king of all symbols, is the symbol of the King of Kings. May you keep the symbols and traditions of Christmas be in your hearts all year long, as you remember the Savior Jesus Christ and defend His Faith now and always.


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Mormons and other Christians find themselves in a unique position in 2012. Abroad in North Africa, Indonesia, China and other countries Christians are persecuted and killed by Muslims following the dictates of their religion to either convert or kill those who do not worship “Allah.” A convert from Christianity to Islam is rare, and so blood and injustice flow through those regions.

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