Ambassador Bolton: Obama has failed to learn the lessons of 9/11

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Obama refuses to talk about the ideology of radical Islam, even though more Muslims have been victimized by this theocratic nightmare than non-Muslims.

Colorado ‘Counter-terrorism Learning Lab’ omits mention of Islamic militants in ‘signs of terrorism’ video

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CELL’s Counter-terror “Recognizing 8 Signs of Terrorism” training video fails to mention, even once, Islamic radicalism, Jihad, Muslim extremists, or any of the other Islamocentric sources of terrorism currently responsible for the vast majority of terror attacks in the United States and across the globe

Minnesota State U addresses French terror attacks by warning students against “racism and intolerance”

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Minnesota State U addresses French terror attacks by warning students against “racism and intolerance”

ISIS: Madness or Method?

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Some seem baffled and or shocked by the raw ruthlessness of the ISIS. most recently foisted upon us by the video of the immolation of a captive Jordanian pilot.

Could Millennials be the Next “Greatest Generation?”

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They also say Americans are sick of war. That America has no stomach for boots on the ground. They say America can’t afford to defend itself. Hopefully, America’s youth will never have to liberate Paris again. But, it would be unwise to assume that this generation could not.

The High Cost of a Delayed Response to ISIS

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The Middle East is a crossroads of the world. If unchecked, the malevolent influence of the Islamic State could spiral into a sectarian conflict engulfing the entire region.

A Plea From the People Stranded on Sinjar

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Tonight, while we in the peaceful West sleep, hundreds of imperiled innocents will die from exposure, thirst, hunger, and the brutality of Islamo Fascist radicals.

Peter Brookes: Islamic Militants Have America in the Crosshairs

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The increasing diversity and the intensity of the Islamist terrorist threat, in my mind, means we have to defend against a growing number of different threat vectors, making it more difficult for our intelligence, law enforcement, and military efforts to succeed, whether at home or overseas.

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