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National Security in a Nuclear World

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While nuclear utopians believe that if the U.S. reduces its nuclear arsenal other countries will follow suit, the reality is that not only have other states not done so, other nuclear powers have emerged, including India, Pakistan, and North Korea.

Sarge: Will Obama Run for President in Syria?

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Behind the scenes, President Obama has brilliantly established a new relationship with Iran, working cordially with the new Iranian president. The Iranians agree to take down half of their posters shouting “Death to America.”

Peter Brookes: Time’s on Side of Syria, Iran

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The Assad regime has good reason to fret the use of U.S. force: Sending cruise missiles through the windows of command and control and intelligence facilities and cratering runways would damage its ability to battle the rebels.

Ziggy: Obama’s Foreign Policy Failures

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The media falsely claimed during the 2012 presidential race that Obama was more competent on foreign policy and continually propagated his administration’s FP lies which, predictably, the majority of the population bought – not knowing any better.

Ziggy: It’s a Blue Christmas if You’re a National Defense Conservative

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At the same time, Republicans have tolerated, and continue to tolerate, in their ranks pseudo-conservative Congressmen and Senators who support deep defense cuts (indeed, lead campaigns for such cuts), oppose solutions to sequestration, oppose giving American troops what they need, and collaborate with the House’s most strident liberals for that purpose.

America Must Not Cut its Nuclear Arsenal or SSBN Fleet

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Russia and China are rapidly growing and modernizing their nuclear arsenals, North Korea is perfecting its warheads and missiles, Iran is racing towards nuclear weapons, and what do Western arms control advocacy organizations advocate? That the US disarm itself unilaterally.


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US intelligence agencies, which have repeatedly been proven wrong on many issues, including China’s military prowess, and where many executives and worked for many years to distort the truth, have an incentive to hide the truth to avoid public embarrassment.


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This was not an authorization for military operations anywhere. This was not a resolution of approval for President Bush’s policies. This was simply a resolution honoring the victims of 9/11.

And yet, Baldwin voted AGAINST it.

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