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Kick Hick: Refugee plan spurs huge backlash against Colorado governor

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Immediately following his announcement, a “Recall Hickenlooper 2015” Facebook group was formed which quickly gained over 4,000 followers, and a number of online petitions were created.

New Colorado Law Bans EBT Cards at Strip Clubs, Pot Shops

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CDHS has opposed changes to welfare ATMs in the past but this year came on board after finding about $500,000 a year was withdrawn at locations prohibited by state and federal law — that’s about 1 percent of the total welfare withdrawals.

Hick’s Roan Plateau Deal a Stinker for Colorado

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The congratulatory back-slapping which followed the Nov. 21 announcement of a “landmark settlement agreement” on Roan Plateau oil and gas leases was an embarrassing example of life imitating art.

Hickenlooper Staffer Uses Obscene Gesture at Victory Speech

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I hope all you squishy Coloradans who voted for this smug, gun-grabbing Obama suck up realize that you made a massive mistake.

All These Alternative-Fuel Vehicles and Nowhere to Fill Them

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Colorado has so far spent $8 million in taxpayer money on nearly 240 compressed natural gas vehicles, with dozens of them stationed in places where there is no compressed natural gas filling stations

Colorado Recommends Millions in Raises for State Workers

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A state-by-state study conducted earlier this year by the Pew Center revealed that Colorado’s state worker salaries averaged $1,500 more than private sector employees, a gap that’s shrunk in recent years. The study revealed that in 2009 the average state worker’s salary topped the average private worker’s pay by about $4,400.

Colorado Democrats Gone Wild: Episode Two

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Colorado Democrats won in 2012, not on the power of their ideas, but because too many Republicans stayed home. Their hard-left ideology represents a small geographical and numerical swath, which I will call the “commie belt,” that runs like a ribbon through the center of the state.

Colorado Democrats Gone Wild

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Weissmann also works on Capitol Hill in Denver for $10 an hour as a Democrat staffer. The conflict of interest here is immediately apparent since Democrat Weissmann is an appointee of the executive branch while simultaneously working within the legislative branch of the Colorado State government. But it gets better…


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It appears that Senator _____ (spank, yank, crank) ripped a major ______ (vapor, death cloud, poonami) right in the middle of his _____ (interview, seizure, explosion) on live television.


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“Tancredo did what? What is he thinking? It’s outrageous. Someone has to put him in his place.”

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