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BLM launching drone program to monitor public lands

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Do you trust the BLM, headed by Harry Reid lackey, Neil Kornze, to use surveillance drones for the limited and specific purposes they profess?

With Bundy men imprisoned, BLM, enviros move in for “Gold Butte” land grab

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Reid has called for President Barack Obama to use his executive powers to designate the Gold Butte area a national monument.

BLM: Perpetuating the federal war on Native Americans

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Nothing in the US Constitution justifies the institutionalized assumption that the federal government had the right to act as “trustee” on behalf of its so-called Indian “wards.”

BLM: From Management Agency to Police State

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Mr. Kornze is doing his part to help President Obama bypass Congress and set national policy.

Ziggy: Retaking the Senate in 2014 is Pure Moonshine

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Let me be blunt: Barring a massive scandal hitting Senate Democrats before the election, Republicans stand absolutely no chance of retaking the Senate in 2014. At best, they may pick up a few seats to add to their currently meagre 45 seats. At worst, they could again lose, on net, seats, as they did last year thanks to extremist candidates like Richard Mourdock.

Naughty Mormons

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An often guileless mindset is one problematic aspect of the Mormon Liberal. They have a tendency to feel that because they themselves are honest, benevolent, and compassionate that every other human on earth–except Republicans, of course–is also so harmless and trustworthy.


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In addition, the following agencies should be abolished: the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the National Labor Relations Board, the EPA (which would save $9 bn per year), the BATFE, the US Institute of Peace, the Peace Corps, the Americorps, the National Endowments for the Arts and the Humanities, the TSA (which should be replaced with private contractors), the Federal Transit Administration, the Fish and Wildlife Service (FAWS), the Government Printing Office, and the IRS (which would save over $10 bn per year).


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Harry Reid wins elections via voter fraud. He defeated Sharron Angle, who was favored by likely registered voters, in the Nevada Senate race in 2010 through voter fraud carried out by SEIU operatives, bussed-in voters, and bribes to people who otherwise would not have voted.


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Hey kiddies, have you played the entertaining and gut-busting game of Mad Lib-erals? Here’s how it works: You take a sentence and put your choices of silly words into the blanks to make it so funny that you will want to puke. For example:

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