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Vietnam 1972: Reflections of a Navy Flyer at The Wall

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The wall, with all 58,200 names, consumed my field of vision. I tried to wrap my mind around the violence, carnage and ruined lives that it represented. Then I thought of how Vietnam was only one small war in the history of the human race.

The Sarge on Aid and Comfort to the Enemy

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Then the broke and ran at the same moment in opposite directions, Esker back to where his rifle was, and the NVA all the way to Hanoi, probably. For a few minutes, that which goes on in the killing fields was forgotten, and we learned to laugh again for awhile. God bless you, my brothers and sisters. Take care of one another.

The Ever Despicable Hanoi Jane

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This was done by the Communists that Jane Fonda supported.

The latest spittle in the face of Americans who remember the Vietnam Era, is the news that Fonda has been chosen to play Nancy Reagan in an upcoming film titled “The Butler.”

The Secretary of Treason

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It is also well known that Kerry’s political ambition overshadowed his sense of honor and duty, and that he did everything he could to turn minor injuries into major issues. His third Purple Heart was a ticket out of Vietnam, and he knew it. It wasn’t long after he left the Navy that he launched into the anti-war activities that lead to the destruction of morale among our troops in Vietnam, and extended the incarcerations of many American P.O.W.s held in North Vietnamese prison camps.


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John O’Neill believed that prior to John Kerry’s abrupt departure from Vietnam–just as soon as he nailed that third Purple Heart–he ordered this version of audio Psy Ops to be broadcast from the river patrol Swift Boats.

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