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Ziggy: Exposing the “Sequestration is Just a Cut in the Rate of Growth” Lie

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Sequestration, for those not yet familiar with it, is an automatic process whereby the discretionary portion of the federal budget (but not the mandatory portion, i.e. not entitlements or debt interest) will be significantly and automatically cut – and by far the heaviest cuts, over 60% of the total, will fall on the defense budget.

Ziggy: Obama’s Foreign Policy Failures

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The media falsely claimed during the 2012 presidential race that Obama was more competent on foreign policy and continually propagated his administration’s FP lies which, predictably, the majority of the population bought – not knowing any better.

Ziggy: How GOP Must Approach Foreign Policy

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He’s completely wrong. Firstly, there are no American interests at stake in Afghanistan, and the war over that country is utterly unwinnable. True, American troops are still dying there – but it’s time to stop that waste of American blood by ending the war ASAP. Secondly, Republicans are not engaging in a “scripted apoplexy over Syria, Iran, and China”, they are rightly sounding the alarm over China’s huge military buildup (which long ago exceeded China’s legitimate self-defense needs) and Bashar al-Assad’s genocide of his own people. But I guess that Mr Miller would prefer for American troops to continue to die in the totally irrelevant quagmire of Afghanistan instead of defending America’s Pacific Rim allies (or America’s southern border).

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