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EPA gets radical with new regs despite declining methane levels

Posted by in Energy Policy, Fossil Fuels

Yet another jab in the regulation department was delivered this week when the now hilariously named Environmental Protection Agency announced new methane emission standards which will essentially accomplish zero, zilch and nada in terms of total greenhouse gases but will be cripplingly expensive for the energy industry.

146 U.S. Representatives call out EPA taxpayer-funded anti-farmer plot

Posted by in EPA, Farming, Federal Abuse

“The campaign appears to be part of an alarming trend where EPA engages in funding advocacy efforts against the very entities it is seeking to regulate,” the representatives stated. “EPA cannot systematically choose when it wishes to follow the law and when it does not.”

BLM wants to take more public lands out of public hands in southwest Colorado

Posted by in Bureau of Land Management, Federal Overreach, Radical Environmentalism

1,300 acres at the entrance to Mesa Verde National Park, 2,700 acres in Disappointment Valley, 25,500 acres in Spring Creek Basin area where there is a herd of wild horses, 4,000 acres at Northdale near Dove Creek and 35,000 acres at Dry Creek Basin.

Colorado College uses Outrageous, Biased Language to skew Public Lands Management Poll

Posted by in Colorado Politics, Media Bias, Public Lands

Colorado College State of the Rockies Project calls you a “militant extremist” if you support locally-sourced government.

Federal Government death-grip on western states is illegal

Posted by in Constitution, Federal Overreach, Public Lands

“Government bureaucrats can’t figure out whether they’re landlord or king,” as they “steamroll state agencies, ride roughshod over regional water rights, and destroy environmental laws in an arrogant nullification of 200 years of constitutional history.”

National Parks Service to extend IDIOTIC fracking regs beyond park boundaries

Posted by in Government Overreach, Public Lands

The NPS proposal includes rules for views being spoiled by manmade items such as light pollution from operations’ burning “excess” natural gas, among other subjects.

Bad Parenting: The Nanny State

Posted by in Government Overreach, Parenting

If you’re a parent you should care about the widespread practice of arresting parents, usually moms, for letting their children play outdoors unattended.

Putting on the Latex Gloves for’s #1 Scary Person of 2013

Posted by in Abnormal Psychology, mental illness

Doctors sedated Eckert and performed the procedure. Still no drugs. In fact, no drugs were ever found. But the assault was incomplete until Eckert received a bill for $6,000 – for the colonoscopy.

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