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The (Not So) Great Pretenders

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I’m sick and tired of judicial activists warping the law to please grumbling identity-politics minorities who make playing pretend a way of life.

Testimony From Capitol Hill on the Gay Marriage Bill

Posted by in Abnormal Psychology

Let me get this straight. Charles is gay and Cherry is a lesbian, but Charles is becoming Cherry so he, er, she can be with the opposite sex?

The Extinction Strategy

Posted by in Population Issues

Liberals answer first to political ideology then self (God is stuck some place where they can pull Him out if it is convenient), so “multiply and replenish” to them are a blasphemy against their overburdened Mother Earth.

Naughty Mormons

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An often guileless mindset is one problematic aspect of the Mormon Liberal. They have a tendency to feel that because they themselves are honest, benevolent, and compassionate that every other human on earth–except Republicans, of course–is also so harmless and trustworthy.

Democrats, Rape, and the War on Women

Posted by in Abnormal Psychology, Abortion, Colorado Politics

When no-fault divorce became the law of the land, marriage became a convenience–a sexual and financial transaction–and lost its stature as the bedrock institution of civilization. When Roe vs Wade was passed in 1973, sex became a sport, babies became an expendable liability, and the virtue of women became an antiquated hurdle to self-fulfillment.

Colorado Democrats Gone Wild

Posted by in Abnormal Psychology, Colorado Politics

Weissmann also works on Capitol Hill in Denver for $10 an hour as a Democrat staffer. The conflict of interest here is immediately apparent since Democrat Weissmann is an appointee of the executive branch while simultaneously working within the legislative branch of the Colorado State government. But it gets better…


Posted by in 2012 Elections, Politics, Religion, Spirituality

The debate surrounding “gay marriage” always takes me back to the same premise: there is no such thing as “gay” marriage, and there can never be such a thing because to make it so would require the alteration of objective reality.

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