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Spanish corporation builds wind farm on USFS public lands, bars access by Americans!

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“The old ANR used to take this very seriously, they wouldn’t even allow ski trails to go through this area that was bear denning and breeding habitat for fear that just the mere passage of skiers would wake the denning bears. Yet they are going to allow these blasts throughout the winter,” he said.

Enviros, corporations, out-of-state tribal leaders conspire to rob Bears Ears from locals

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Not only have locals been left out of conversations between the federal government and monument supporters, but efforts have been made to drown out local voices during the limited opportunities that residents had to give input.

Dysfunctional Forest Service prompts Oregon lawmakers to action

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“The longer we wait, the danger just grows.”

Local management will serve Utah better than absentee overlords in D.C.

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Unfortunately, this crucial forest access, as with many other areas throughout the state, is dependent on distant Washington bureaucrats.

A Conservative environmentalist reveals how federal “protection” destroys public grazing lands

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If environmental groups and government agencies truly want to achieve their stated mission they’ll have to open their eyes to the damage caused by what they call “protection.”

EPA and Radical Environmentalist Groups Collude in “Clean Power” rules

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Clean Power rules arise from collaborative sue-and-settle tactics between EPA and environmental activist groups.

Why the Radical Left Wants to Keep Western States Under Federal Control

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The actual fight is between the far left who want to keep our public lands locked up and those of us who think they should be managed correctly for the benefit of all Montanans not just a few rich liberals.

Who Are The Radical Elites Running Southern Utah’s Green Movement?

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For decades, Southern Utah has been in the grip of powerful environmental organizations that are run by elite radicals from almost everywhere except Southern Utah.

“Threatened” Species Threatening Energy Interests

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Here’s a secret: In reality, they have no way of knowing just how many lesser prairie chickens reside in Kansas, and the methodology they use to count the birds is shaky at best.

Obama Exerts More Control Over Energy-rich Private and State Lands

Posted by in Colorado Politics, Economy, Endangered Species, Fracking

President Obama could enact the plans in this memo with just the stroke of a pen, without any input from the communities affected by it.

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