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Glenn Beck: America’s Self-Righteous “Charity Man”

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This is a political stunt. For as much spiritual fervor as Glenn Beck displays for us to see, true charity is not performed for public consumption in a vast, self-aggrandizing PR campaign.

Did Communism Nearly Wipe Out the Plymouth Pilgrims?

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The terrible mistake in this decision was that the very viruses, infections, and parasites that plagued them on the Mayflower, would be carried into another space where, again, they would dwell in close quarters.


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Physicians to a dying nation

That is because our minds, in assessing the crisis of liberty in our time, are drawn back to the conditions of our centuries-old Founding, and the glorious inception of a new and free nation. But we are not like the Founders. We are not the midwife helping along the birth of a republic. We are the physician presiding over the greatest nation in the world as it languishes in spasms of dying; beset with moral disease, and the dementia of age wherein it has forgotten for what purpose it was born. We have failed to check the health of the best example of government of the people, for the people and by the people, yet remaining upon the face of the earth. The toxins of socialism and secularism have infected its members, and it is quickly failing.


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A modern crisis is less likely to be a “Wrath of God” event than it is to be a situation that is either implemented through design, or emerges because of the dutiful incompetence of bureaucrats and Leftist politicians.


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The Occupy demonstrators first gathered to protest ______ (crony Capitalism, jock itch, soap companies), but now they have a new _____ (secretion, foe, hangnail). They are now battling ______ (Klingons, Jack Russell Terriers, illness) as their ranks become increasingly _____ (naked, diseased, fat and lazy).

Poop Alleys in Urban America

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Mounds of human feces, urine-stained walls, a rancid and disgusting stench:These are some of the phrases that have been used to describe the third-world conditions which exist, not in some undeveloped overseas nation, but in a major American city, El Paso, Texas.

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