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National Security in a Nuclear World

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While nuclear utopians believe that if the U.S. reduces its nuclear arsenal other countries will follow suit, the reality is that not only have other states not done so, other nuclear powers have emerged, including India, Pakistan, and North Korea.

Anti-nuke Advocates Lie to Advance Unilateral Disarmament

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They falsely claim that it’s time to cut America’s nuclear arsenal even further, that the US nuclear arsenal is “excess”, and that the US should rely on “diplomacy, economic sanctions, and conventional deterrence” instead!

Crunching the Numbers on Russian Nukes

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Although China has a much larger nuclear arsenal than the DOD and arms control advocates are prepared to admit, Russia remains the principal nuclear and geopolitical adversary of the US.

America’s Strategic Superiority Stops with START

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Now for the first time, according to the latest New START data exchange, Russia actually has more actively deployed nuclear warheads than the U.S.

Answering the Lies of the Disarmament Crowd

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Both Russia and China are rapidly growing, not cutting, their atomic arsenal. In these circumstances, it would be utterly suicidal for the US to cut – or neglect to modernize – its own nuclear deterrent. It would be an invitation of a nuclear first strike by Russia or China.

How Obama’s Weakness Made the World More Dangerous

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The Obama Administration, in what amounts to unilateral arms reduction, is the cook using the same ingredients that 90 years ago would prove to create an explosive dish called World War II. The ingredients for disaster are amassed, and it appears that Barack Obama with his “nuclear utopianism” is just the chef to pull it off.

Target-Rich, Gun-Free Zones

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It does not have to be that way, but it is and it is going to get much worse. Politicians throughout this country are testing the political winds, posturing and making speeches about how much they care about the victims of this latest round of executions at school.

Ziggy: Just Say “NO!” to Unilateral Dismantling of Nuclear Arsenal

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New START turned out to be a very bad deal for the U.S. In this treaty, President Obama gave away U.S. leverage on missile defense and strategic weapons. The U.S. has barely anything left to negotiate on tactical nuclear weapons where Russia has a dramatic advantage. The ISAB incorrectly calls them “nonstrategic,” but in reality, any use of nuclear weapons on the battlefield will have strategic consequences.

Ziggy: The Obsolescence and Uselessness of Legacy Aircraft

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Remember that even today, with most potential adversaries being equipped with advanced (or even upgraded legacy) Russian and Chinese SAM systems and fighters, which are proliferating globally, US aircraft would, in any plausible war, operate in heavily defended, heavily contested airspace defended by such SAM systems and fighters. This situation will only get worse in the future.


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US intelligence agencies, which have repeatedly been proven wrong on many issues, including China’s military prowess, and where many executives and worked for many years to distort the truth, have an incentive to hide the truth to avoid public embarrassment.

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