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Old Sarge: The Day Freedom Slammed into Hitler’s Atlantic Wall

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The fate of the Free World hung in the balance, as about 180,000 Americans, British, Canadians, and Free French slammed themselves against Hitler’s Atlantic Wall and the most disciplined and ruthless army in history.

From D-Day to Khe Sanh, America is Nothing Without its Veterans

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This was one of the events that made that generation shine, without a doubt. Oh, they had their faults; racial prejudice was a problem, and many people were hardened and bitter, having endured the Great Depression

Though 70 Years Have Passed, The Legacy of D-Day Remains

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In many ways, D-Day was America’s battle. Every branch of the armed forces fought during the invasion of Normandy. The Navy delivered the troops. The (Army) Air Force took command of the sky. Sixty U.S. Coast Guard cutters provided search and rescue. Even a handful of Marines were on hand. And 160,000 GIs hit the beaches.

Beaches and Blood: D-Day Remembered

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These are as ‘voices from the dust,’ men whose time left on the earth is short, but whose legacies merit eternal gratitude and reverence.

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