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Leftist “climate denier” witch hunt enriches billionaire greenie, Steyer

Posted by in Climate Hysteria, Climate Politics, Science

Steyer was even able to purchase some planks in the Democrat Party Platform, which was drafted by a committee that included numerous well-documented communists, socialists, and other extremists.

Former BLM chief suspected in corrupt Nevada land deal

Posted by in Bureau of Land Management, Corruption, Federal Abuse

“Her actions appeared to violate federal regulations that prohibit preferential treatment and the improper use of nonpublic information,” the report said.

EPA sued for filling “science panel” with cronies, paying “researchers” to produce biased studies

Posted by in EPA, Federal Control, Government Corruption

“Not only does the EPA pay researchers to produce controversial research that advances its PM2.5 regulatory agenda, but the agency pays the very same researchers to review their own controversial work,”

It’s not logging obliterating our forests, it’s the U.S. Forest Service bending to radical environmentalists

Posted by in Federal Control, Radical Environmentalism, U.S. Forest Service

“The environmental regulations and the philosophy prevents them from doing anything to restore the forests to a healthy condition. You literally can’t go in anymore.”

EPA and Radical Environmentalist Groups Collude in “Clean Power” rules

Posted by in Energy Policy, Radical Environmentalism

Clean Power rules arise from collaborative sue-and-settle tactics between EPA and environmental activist groups.

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