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Why are Utah outdoor retailers muzzling locals, Native tribes?

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San Juan County currently contains all or part of one national park, three national monuments, a national recreation area and a national forest, and yet is the poorest county in Utah and one of the most economically depressed counties in the nation.

How radical environmentalist groups in Utah conspired with BLM to prosecute two local leaders

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Environmentalist collusion with the federal government can be more accurately described as infiltration of agencies such as the BLM, by environmental extremists.

Communist Goals: Mission Accomplished?

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Have you read the transcript of the “Communist Goals” submitted into the Congressional Record on January 10, 1963? Forty-nine years ago these stated goals of the Communist Party, gleaned through the rigorous research of Cleon Skousen, were divulged to the United States Congress in an effort to alert the nation to the dangers of Communism and the conspiratorial plans to implement those goals in every aspect of western culture.


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cowboy shootout

The blowback by him and his followers was epic! I was savaged on the wall of McConnell’s Facebook page, drawn and quartered, and attacked as a horrible “establishment Republican.” When I tried to bring some measure of civility to the conversation, I was called a “condescending Liberal.”


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This is not a happy Eureka moment. It is a convulsion of alarm and disgust, and the drive to action. All of us who come to recognize the depth of the Communist threat will be derided as fools and fear mongers. But I, for one, will stake my reputation and life on the truths in “AGENDA,” the documents of record, and the bloody history, that testifies of the great and insidious evils of Communism, which now grows like a tumor in the heartland institutions and politics of America.

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