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The Sarge on Martial Law and the New World Order

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This administration is the longest running comedy since the Paris Peace Talks. Kerry makes an off-hand comment, Putin hijacks it as a solution to the Syrian crisis, Obama says it’s been his idea all along, and Basher A-Sod continues to make Syria into a game preserve for coyotes.

On Pot and Conspiracy Theories

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The latest contemptible conspiracy theory ping-ponging around the Internet is the one which claims the Islamic terrorist bombings in Boston that killed three and maimed hundreds were actually staged by the Federal Government as an excuse to implement Martial Law.

The Sarge: On Conspiracy Theories

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you want to know what really bugs me about the devoted conspiracy buff? He/she is, in effect, telling the rest of us that causes, virtue, individual initiative, heroism, charity, philanthropy, love of freedom, devotion, loyalty, and even faith and prayer, all are for nothing, because dark forces, and powerful people in secret rooms, control all events and results anyway.

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