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Why did the Cherokee fight with the Confederacy in the Civil War?

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The Cherokee were perhaps the best educated and literate of the American Indian Tribes. They were also among the most Christian. Learning and wisdom were highly esteemed.

Response to Huffpo Article “Syria:What Would Reagan Do?”

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If Reagan were in charge, the most recent chemical attack would never have been perpetrated by the Assad regime, because America would have responded fast and hard the first time the “red line” was crossed.


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A new Republic begs to be formed. The ideological boundaries would be established by the will of the people. Something along the lines of everything west of the Mississippi River, to include all thirteen States of the Confederacy, from the Canadian border to the Gulf Coast and the Mexican border, and then a north-south border excluding Nevada,California,Oregon, Washington and Hawaii from the Republic would be a good beginning.

Love (and Sacrifice) American-Style

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Sullivan Ballou

Major Sullivan Ballou was killed in the “Battle of Bull Run,” one week after he penned the letter. The letter was delivered, along with his other personal effects, to Sarah, Willie, and Edgar after the end of the Civil War. This classic piece of American prose defined his irresolute loyalties to love of dear ones and love of country.


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There will be a movement in which individual states, and in some cases, regions of states, will secede from The United States. It will be a sort of Secessionist Club, whose front of battle is one more of the ideological warfare of the pen and less the bloodletting of the sword.

Appomattox and Grant’s Grace

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In an instant, with the exchange of a few words,a handshake and a piece of paper, two enemies would become countrymen.

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