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Illegal Pot Issues Complicate Colorado Asset Forfeiture Reform

Posted by in Cannabis, Colorado Politics, Law Enforcement

Illegal drug trafficking in Colorado has not noticeably decreased, and law-enforcement’s dependence on asset seizure as both a tool for prosecution and a means of funding makes drastic reform of current laws increasingly problematic.

Colorado: The Right to Flop

Posted by in Abnormal Psychology, Colorado Politics, Social Psychology

Let’s get real people. Perhaps a more appropriate name for HB-1264 would be “The Colorado Right to Stink Act.”

For Minority Students, Political Correctness Trumps Good Schools

Posted by in Education, Public Schools, School Reform

“Where does real integration take place in America? At the end of the day, it takes place in the marketplace, and if you come to that marketplace with no skills, what’s going to happen to you?” asked Howard Fuller, former chairman of Black Alliance for Educational Options.

Disabled Children, School Sports, and Why Government is the Problem

Posted by in Education, Special Education, Sports

A lot of squishy language is used–and squishy language in the pen of a bureaucrat is a very dangerous thing–such as “provide for opportunities,” and “qualified student with a disability.” But the creepily intimate “Dear Colleague” opening and the nebulous wording of this directive spell nothing but trouble for school administrators everywhere. Galanter’s letter doesn’t define what it means to be “qualified,” nor does it account for the huge spectrum of disabilities that our special needs population may have; from mild Asperger’s Syndrome to Traumatic Brain Injury which leads to complete immobilization.

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