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Vietnam War Remembered: My Fallen Brother

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I was a eight, just a few months shy of nine at the time my oldest brother was killed and my parents’ hearts were intractably broken. I am the youngest of their seven children, my only sister was the oldest, with five brothers in-between. Don was born on my sister’s first birthday, March 6, 1948.

Scary Kid’s Books

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In what is conceptually a violent form of suicide, the Rainbow Fish relents and plucks out his scales and gives them one by one to all the demanding fish on the reef. “The Rainbow Fish” is a toxic diatribe which teaches that exceptionalism is unfair, and that those with something special literally OWE everyone else a piece of themselves.

The Sarge: Reflections of Vietnam

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Lanh, I am getting old now, and it’s been many years since that dreadful war in your homeland took your precious life. I remember the times we had together (too few), in between patrols and missions, when we talked about getting married.

Why Should We Remember Vietnam?

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There are no other patriotic books for young children written about the Vietnam Era. Emerging generations need to know the stories of heroism and honor that came out of the Vietnam War.


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John O’Neill believed that prior to John Kerry’s abrupt departure from Vietnam–just as soon as he nailed that third Purple Heart–he ordered this version of audio Psy Ops to be broadcast from the river patrol Swift Boats.

The Most Toxic Children’s Book of All Time

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The real, and very dark philosophy at the roots of The Giving Tree, is one of utter nihilism; the sacrifice of oneself for another who lacks the capacity to reciprocate, and the subordination of self-interest to a child’s self-absorbed and malcontent quest for sustenance through the destruction of the life of the one entity that loves him.


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Please help me provide our Vietnam veterans with beautiful storybooks which they can read to their grandchildren and teach them that America is good, America has always been good, and fighting for America in the Vietnam War was the right thing to do.

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